Counselling in person.

Counselling in person.

My approach to counselling is based upon C.Rogers´s Person-Centred Therapy.

I believe that when the counselor provides empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence the client can experience something he-she might not be able to experience often in his-her normal ife. 

When we are in a relationship where those 3 conditions are present, we feel encouraged to be and express our real selves. WE might find new inspiration and creativity unfolding as we are stepping away from patterns of fear and judgeament. This leads to the person self-actualising, rediscovering the shifts to be your  self in an empowered way and the life around that would support that.

For this to occur counselling needs to be a place where you feel welcome, listened to (non-judgeamentally), accepted, challenged and encouraged.

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